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The Iguassu National Park

The Iguassu National Park is a World Natural Heritage Site

As the first protected area in Brazil to be incorporated into a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1986, the Iguassu National Park was Brazil’s second national park to be created, and contains the largest remaining Atlantic Forest remnant in southern Brazil.

United through the Iguassu River to the Argentinian Iguazú National Park, these parks contain the largest ecological preserves for the central-south of South America with over 600 thousand hectares of protected areas and another 400 thousand which are still native forests.

Brazil and Argentina have joint responsibility to maintain and preserve this essential and incomparable world heritage site.

In addition to the natural beauty of the forests, the park protects the incomparable Iguassu Falls – one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, Which receives about 1.5 million visitors from all corners of the planet every year. They are two of the most visited national parks in Brazil and Argentina, whose contributions help fund the entire system of protected areas in both countries.

The park contains a wealth of biodiversity which consists of representative species of Brazilian fauna and flora, including species in danger of extinction such as the jaguar, puma, broad-snouted caiman, vinaceous parrot, harpy eagle, the peroba-rosa tree, and the araucaria pine tree. The park also protects the Floriano River basin, one of the Iguassu River tributaries.

After the mid-1960s, in the state of Paraná lost vast areas of native forests to cattle ranching, soybean plantations, and other human activities. The Iguassu National Park in the state can be observed in the delineation between forests and agricultural and cattle ranching activities.

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